What is vpcAsia service

vpcAsia service is a total IT digital transformation solution - a disruptive technology to transform the way you work. It enables you to connect to your corporate data securely locked in our private cloud universe, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, from ANYTHING.

The service brings efficiency, mobility and flexibility into your business with noticeable results - top-line growth and 20-40% IT cost reduction. It offers extremely low latency. It creates simplicity and transparency across your IT cost structure, while securing your intellectual property and personal information. 

vpcAsia service offers an operating system equipped with necessary and desired applications existing entirely in our private cloud. We turned our service into an application, through which, an interactive image will be delivered to an internet-connected device of your choice. With the interactive image, you will do computer work as you do at office desk.

All computing resources reside in the private cloud - except for a keyboard, a mouse and a display screen. Because of the way it is structured, even if your device is lost, broken or stolen, your loss is limited to the device only – not confidential data. 


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