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The Challenges businesses are facing

As IT continues to advance into the realm of extreme specialization and touches all aspects of business, system complexity, organizational policy and individual needs are often in conflict – a situation that creates stress on resources and triggers increasing costs. 

Organizations keep a keen eye on staff resources, technological advances, and compliance procedures, while constantly seeking new strategies to remain competitive, intending IT as a contributing factor; as opposed to an obstacle to success.

Capital expenditure, cost of staffing and supporting technology initiatives squeeze the bottom line.  The challenge is now how to turn all into a contributing factor for success in this age.

vpcAsia solutions to five major business challenges



Regulatory compliance affects many industries such as finance, which requires implementation of verifiable safeguards and procedures.


vpcAsia provides immediate regulatory compliance and willingly submits to independent audit procedures.

Security & Confidentiality


IT security requires constant attention. Attacks and vulnerabilities create risks to systems and data. Patches / fixes are applied retroactively, leaving assets exposed to risks.


Threats can be rendered harmless in a well-designed IT infrastructure as systems are never exposed to risks in the first place.



The total cost of ownership refers to that of IT over its life cycle. Staff & equipment reveal as the most transparent costs, but electricity, licenses, research, downtime and auditing - among many others - require added consideration in this accounting.


In an outsourcing model, vpcAsia absorbs all upfront and hidden costs associated with providing service, and issues a simple monthly invoice.

IT as a competitive advantage


IT can compliment business strategy and drive innovation. But daily needs in IT departments tend to focus on day-to-day support and maintenance tasks, which relegates innovation to planning sections and project management.


Outsourcing to vpcAsia the mundane tasks that add little value to the business will create freedom across IT teams to focus more on innovation and core business.

Business continuity


Best practices demand that downtime be limited to minutes per year. But such infrastructure setups require major capital investments and continuous maintenance.


vpcAsia's embedded business continuity and disaster recovery plans reduce data loss to zero as business delivery returns quickly.

What is vpcAsia service

vpcAsia service is a total IT digital transformation solution - a disruptive technology to transform the way you work. It enables you to connect to your corporate data securely locked in our private cloud universe, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, from ANYTHING.

The service brings efficiency, mobility and flexibility into your business with noticeable results - top-line growth and 20-40% IT cost reduction. It offers extremely low latency. It creates simplicity and transparency across your IT cost structure, while securing your intellectual property and personal information. 

vpcAsia service offers an operating system equipped with necessary and desired applications existing entirely in our private cloud. We turned our service into an application, through which, an interactive image will be delivered to an internet-connected device of your choice. With the interactive image, you will do computer work as you do at office desk.

All computing resources reside in the private cloud - except for a keyboard, a mouse and a display screen. Because of the way it is structured, even if your device is lost, broken or stolen, your loss is limited to the device only – not confidential data. 

What vpcAsia Offers

vpcAsia service will change your IT structure

After vpcAsia service implementation, your IT costs will be:






Able to focus on your core business and innovation

Comparing IT costs

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Why us


All about PRIVATE cloud – bank and military grade security

IT service provider

Offer a total IT digital transformation solution as a SERVICE

Lean technology

Cutting age, lean technology: best engineers select many open source systems, no dependencies

User experience

All about USERS – proving solutions through users’ eyes

We are all about private cloud: By adopting bank and military grade security, we build a virtual private cloud around our customer. In some instances, we even offer a physical underlying infrastructure for a private cloud. We want to make sure that you have highly reliable data access in a secure environment without compromising built-in business continuity and regulatory compliance.

We consider ourselves as a total IT digital transformation solution service provider: We provide IT technology service to transform the way you work with significant results - top-line growth and 20-40% IT cost reduction. Our service is ideal for those who like you wish to outsource their IT operations into a private cloud space to ensure better returns on  their IT investment and to allocate more resources to their core business and innovation without security compromises evident in public clouds.

We are a technology service innovator: We are very open to open source systems and constantly adopt the latest, lean technology. As we are independent, we have no dependencies, which enables us to bring into the marketplace what is the best for you. We challenged ourselves to reduce our latency, successfully having left latency behind.

anytime, anywhere, anything.