Q: Are your cloud products secure?

A: Yes, we adhere to the same security and audit standards observed in the financial industry.


Q: Are you a public cloud service provider?

A: No. We build a cloud around every customer, a virtual private cloud. In some instances, we even offer a physical underlying infrastructure for a private cloud.


Q: Do we have to get a full solution at once?

A: It depends entirely on your requirements and preferences. In many cases, it is advisable to switch to a complete cloud service at once, but we view each project closely and uniquely. For example, a customer might only need virtual servers, or backup service, or email services. We are happy to offer advice on the best way forward and deliver specific customer requirements.


Q: What sort of latency do we experience when connected to your vpcAsisa service?

A: Less than 30 milliseconds.


Q: Are there migration costs associated with implementing your vpcAsia service?

A: Yes. Roughly 15% of the first year's subscription value.


Q: What do you mean by “IT as a service?”

A: This is the way that the IT industry has been evolving, and we are one of those IT service innovators stepping onto the trend. We are here to help companies to outsource their IT operations to us and provide them as an IT service so that our customers can allocate more resources to their core business and innovation.


Q: What are the main reasons why companies are using cloud?

A: The tree main reasons are: to drive cost efficiencies, to better enable mobile workforce, and to improve alignment with customers and business partners. Of course, without jeopardizing their information security.


Q: Are there any additional costs associated with Microsoft upgrade?

A: Window/ MS office is included as part of our service in Standard and Premium Plans. For those users, it will automatically be upgraded.