Our team

Toshio Wada
Business Development, Market Strategies

Toshio’s career has largely been built around banking – nearly twenty years at ex-IBJ (Industrial Bank of Japan) and Mizuho Financial Group – as well as in asset management industry (Executive Officer BNP Paribas Investment Partners) including private equity and venture capitals of start-up companies. Sitting always in client facing businesses he has dealt with domestic and international governments, companies and investors. More recently, his career has expanded into areas such as blockchains (Japan CEO DLT Labs Inc), cloud services (Director of Business Development VPC Asia KK ) and flying car ventures (CFO MK PLUS). INSEAD MBA.

Chris Shannon

More than 20 years' extensive and successful experience in Japan and the US as CTO & CIO and as a senior systems engineer in client / server and financial companies. Managing a global team of best innovative creative engineers around the world, bringing in and implementing best selected cutting edge lean technologies, and delivering perfect solutions to customers. He comes from military and banking sectors. His core - most reliable delivery and highest security - has grown in and been shaped by these sectors. High reputation for his abilities of delivering economical and efficient IT designs to customers without jeopardizing reliability, stability and security of their IT infrastructure.

Dominik Steiner
Chairman & CEO

Focusing on Technology and IP analysis, Product and market fit, Business/sales strategies and Engagement strategies

Founded and grew high-security enterprise virtual computing company; >25x value in 18mos. CEO, NewJetCo K.K. & NewJetCo Europe
 Founded, grew, and exited private jet company. Head of Solutions, Reuters SA, Grew B2B data and trading solutions business in Switzerland, Austria, and Central Europe. Sales Director Japan and APAC, 
 Bridge Information Systems. Board Member, Mamezou Holdings Co., Ltd.

Arno Alarcon
Director Of Partnerships

Arno is an expert in operations management, having worked in heavy industry as a production engineer, and later at McKinsey & Co., serving clients in retail, financial services, and manufacturing on topics of lean management and service operations. More recently in the IT industry, he has worked in the CEO Office at Rakuten, and been an investor and advisor to various technology startups. His work experience spans Europe, the US, Latin America, and Japan. MIT MBA.

Masaru Ikeda
Business Development, Expert Document Management, Investor

Specialist in digitization.  Senior Certified Documented Information Specialist (JIIMA) *JIIMA (Japan Image and Information Management Association). SCM and system development of electrical document management for industry leader and the overseas subsidiaries. Built trading company specialized in computer peripherals and Book Scanners. More than 15 year experience in business management, marketing and localization for the service and products to suit Japanese market. In 2010, he participated the world largest book scanning and digitization project at the National diet library in Japan.  He developed the system to support large scale scanning and directed teams to control stable quality and efficiency. He is one of a few document management specialists who have robust experience in all the way from analogue to digital,  general/international management skills. His support will benefit all the customers who desire to have all the document and information in their VPC.

Yutaka Kitade
Business Development, Expert Marketing, Investor

Focusing on Marketing & business strategy, Emerging market entry, Business process outsourcing and Start-up incubation.

Founder/CEO, Global Initiative
 (research/consulting firm specializing in Asia market entry). Co-founder, PorcoVino.com
(e-commerce co. specializing in Italian wines). Head of Asia, Trans-Cosmos. Grew SE Asia from $0 to $20M in < 3yrs. Advisory (8 yrs), Key Shareholder, Eole
 Went public in 2017. Manager, Dentsu Inc

Vincent Gebes
Data Centre Specialist, Advisor Data Centre Strategy

Vincent is an established leader in the IT industry in Asia, having helped start or manage several Japanese Internet businesses over the past 25 years including Japan's first commercial Internet service at AT&T Jens in 1992, managing the Japanese business and Asian expansion of  global internet service provider PSINet in the late 1990s and co-founding Internet security startup VarioSecure Networks which successfully executed an IPO in Japan in 2006.  Mr. Gebes also participated in the early establishment of several key Internet governance organizations including JPNIC and APNIC and has continued to be active in the Asian Internet industry.  Mr. Gebes joined the CafeX team as Managing Director for Asia on October 1, 2016.

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