vpcAsia Vision

Transforming the Way People Work for a Better World with our Disruptive IT Service


Enabling Personalized and Protected Access to Virtual Private Computer (VPC) Environments and Secure Data Storage 


About US

vpcAsia was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2016, with the mission of enabling personalized and protected access to virtual private computer environments and secure data storage, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, from ANYTHING. We are a global team composed of members with profound expertise and experience in each role, with high exposure to IT and user insights & usability in such different sectors as military, security, banking, management consulting, medical, social media and retail and with high sensitivity to cutting age technology.

Customers are predominantly from the financial sector and other sectors that require highly reliable data access in a secure environment without compromising built-in business continuity and regulatory compliance. vpcAsia seeks to partner with customers who wish to outsource IT operations into a private cloud space to ensure better returns on IT investment and to focus on core business and innovation without security compromises evident in public clouds.

We are thrilled to translate our experience and expertise into actionable strategies and implement them to benefit YOU. We share the common vision and interest in transforming the way you work for a better world with the introduction of our disruptive IT service.


What if you didn't need servers in the office anymore?

How different would your business be if multiple third party services were no longer necessary? 

Are you able to contemplate IT requirements as simple as a service and as easy as a subscription?

What would your work life be like if you could have protected access to important data through a device of your choice anytime, anywhere, anything?



Are you ready for digital transformation? 
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