Diner Club Cigare… Secure Data Storage


Dear friends, my company delivers IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service. As part of that service, we have a super secure storage.

Nobody but you can see the data, it is military grade security and the cloud is under Japanese Data Privacy Laws. Privacy matters!

Being a member at “Diner Club Cigare” I offer you a free Colabobox in our private cloud, accessible from anywhere (like Dropbox, just more secure…). From the start you will get 100GB, should you reach the limit, I will increase the storage size.
You can store files, images etc. and also share them securely with anyone.

To get a colabobox, just fill out your name and email in the form on this page. You will then get an email with login details within a few business days. Of course, you can change the password to your liking. Please do not forget the password, there is nothing we can do for you, we are also shielded from the data…

I wish you a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year.